The Wedding Band

Christina Case is a capital-J Journalist. The kind of Serious Reporter who still works in print and believes that news is meant to inform, not entertain. The kind who triple-checks her sources. So how did her latest front-page story end up wrongly embarrassing a sitting Senator? Her editor screwed up, that’s how, and now Chris is out of a job unless she agrees to do the one thing she’s sworn never to do – infiltrate a celebrity wedding. With her career on the line, can she find a way to get inside and bring back the dirt on the happy couple?

Dakota Rain doesn’t chase women; they chase him. As an A-list actor, a bona fide Movie Star, he’s usually beating them off with a stick. He expected to do the same thing at his celebrity brother’s wedding. So what’s the deal with Crystie Case, the singer in the wedding band? She’s looking right through his signature smoldering gaze, ignoring his patented quirking brow. Has he finally come up against a woman who’s immune to his charms?

Well, that’s a challenge Dakota just can’t ignore. There’s something about her wholesome look, her obvious intelligence, that’s irresistible to a guy burnt out on Hollywood groupies. Determined to seduce her, he invites her to join him on his private tropical island – with his brother and his brother’s shy new bride – as they hide out from the media for a honeymoon week.

Chris goes along hoping for a story, but the week ends up being as enjoyable as it is revealing. The sweetly romantic newlyweds are open and friendly, and sexy Dakota entices her into his bed and wants to keep her there for good. But all too soon the honeymoon’s over, and now Chris has to choose between losing her job or betraying Dakota. Will she sacrifice the career that defines her to take a chance on love?

Reviews for The Wedding Band

“If you like your contemporary romance to sizzle than look no further.” (Jill Shalvis, New York Times bestselling author)

“Dakota and Christine are exceedingly complex characters […] and their journey on their road to love makes for a most fascinating read. Cara Connelly’s stellar writing never ceases to amaze!” (Fresh Fiction)

“The third book in Connelly’s ever-surprising, sure-to-please Save the Date series whisks readers into another sensual, smart romance set in a world of lavish wealth and constant media attention, keeping the stakes precariously high for her two headline-making protagonists. Readers may very well share the heroine’s discomfort with her manipulations and deceptions, but Connelly once again shows her skill and insight by moving past this trope by identifying the real fears and needs that drive her characters together — and apart. The result is a battle of wits that remains thoroughly unique and ultimately quite satisfying.” (RT Book Reviews)

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