The Wedding Favor

Seven years after a drunk driver took his wife’s life, and just moments after hearing the verdict in her wrongful death case, Tyrell Brown is itching to shed his suit and tie and get the hell out of Houston.  And even though he’d rather be heading to his ranch for a weeklong trail ride than be flying off to his best friend Isabelle’s four-day wedding weekend, he can’t really complain.  After all, her wedding’s in France, and the more distance he can put between himself and the ice-blue-eyed, stiletto-heeled lawyer who grilled him on the stand, the better, cause even though his mama raised him right, it’s damn near impossible to be a southern gentleman around the bitch on wheels.

Victoria Westin is just doing what she’s always done—her job. Whether she likes it or not.  She’d rather be on stage, but her overbearing mother put the nix on that years ago, and now the only role she plays is the hard-nosed, New York City attorney.  She’s good at it, though, even when she’s out of her element in the great state of Texas.  Even when she’s looking into a pair of whisky-brown eyes that seem to see right into her soul.  Now, thank God, the trial’s over and she can drop the mask, leave Tyrell Brown and his sunstreaked hair and sexy cowboy drawl behind, and unwind for a long weekend at her brother’s wedding in France.

But a peaceful European vacation isn’t in the cards for either of them, because as Ty and Vicky soon discover, they’re headed to the same wedding.  They agree to play nice for the bride and groom’s sake, but the laid-back cowboy and the uptight lawyer can’t help but rile each other.  The funny thing is, as the weekend goes on, they can’t keep their hands off each other either.  But with a whole host of obstacles—including a man-eating pole dancer, a cheating ex-boyfriend and a manipulative mother—destined to come between them, will they be able to turn their fake flirtation into a real romance?

Reviews for The Wedding Favor

Top Pick! 4.5 Stars! Connelly’s debut novel is a delicious, scandalous and moving enemies-to-lovers tale featuring a heroine whose wit and grace never fade in the face of personal insecurities and family drama, and a damaged hero who manages to be quite the knight in shining armor — despite his best efforts to the contrary. The stakes are emotionally high, ensuring the tension remains at a fever pitch until the final, steamy showdown. A wealth of quirky, sympathetic secondary characters and some zany predicaments round out this utterly enticing romance and mark Connelly as an author to watch. – RT Book Reviews, January 2014

I loved it! Tyrell and Vicky have the most sizzling, passionate, fun and engaging banter I have read in a long time.Tyrell is a seriously sexy Texas cowboy who knows how to handle women, but finds himself constantly at odds with Vicky, who is equally sassy, smart and tough. They fight, they play and boy do they ever know how to get at each other, inside the bedroom and out. Throw in a snake of an ex-boyfriend and a selfish mother; you’ve got a deliciously exciting romp of a romance. More please! – The Romance Readers Connection

Connelly’s sexy series starts with a bang. The banter between two characters enjoying a love/hate relationship makes for a humorous and enjoyable ride, with plenty of gratuitous lovemaking throughout. Let’s hope Connelly continues the fun in the next book in the series, The Wedding Vow.  Library Journal

The Wedding Favor…It. Was. Awesome! Herding Cats and Burning Soup

The chemistry between Ty and Victoria is off-the-charts and the contention between them and the intriguing plot will keep readers turning the pages to discover the outcome. Not to mention that the characters are so realistic, they seem to step right off the page, allowing readers to quickly become invested in the story. Filled with sexual tension, witty repartee, a location wedding, misunderstandings, mishaps, grief, healing, romance and true love, this story is one that I enjoyed immensely. – Romance Junkies

I loved that fact that Cara Connelly has the courage to create two sympathetic characters who are loveable because of, not in spite of, their flaws. Neither Victoria nor Ty is perfect by any means, but as the facades they’ve constructed slowly fall away, it’s clear they are a perfect fit together. She also allows them to grow and change in ways that I never anticipated, and the refreshing surprises that fill this story promise a wealth of good things to come from the rest of the series. –  The Romance Reviews (TRR)

The Wedding Favor is a super sexy enemies-to-lovers romance that meanders from Texas to France, and winds up in New York City where Ty and Vicky have their final showdown. From point A to point B, not only is there a lot of drama unfolding over the wedding they are attending, but there’s a bunch of hilarious and steamy moments as well. Cara Connelly has created a story that had me fully invested in each character.Harlequin Junkie

The Wedding Favor is by turns funny, serious, heart-wrenching, and romantic. From the hi-jinks in France to a Starbucks in New York, Victoria and Tyrell will keep your attention riveted…. This is a story you will thank me for recommending! – Romance Reviews Today

City girl meets cowboy and the chemistry between them is sizzling. Mini review: witty, romantic and hot.Caffeinated Book Reviewer

I found myself laughing and smiling … The day of the wedding is pure gold! This is a 5 out of 5 for me!Ebook Escapes

What a great story. The antagonism between Ty and Vicky really made for some great tension…. The book was entertaining, fun, funny, frustrating, sexy, just all around great. – Tracy’s Place

 This contemporary romance/chick lit novel was a witty banter fun fest from start to finish. – Urban Girl Reader

Fun, feisty and fantastic! Sharon’s Garden of Book Reviews

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