The Wedding Date

Julie Marone isn’t your ordinary matchmaker. Instead of setting up singles, she matches already-happy couples with their dream homes. It’s her calling. Her gift. And since she lost the other half of her own happy couple, it’s become her passion.

Cody Brown isn’t your ordinary cowboy. Instead of roping runaway steers, he wrangles sick kids and strung-out junkies as an ER doc. It’s his job. His responsibility. And since his brother lost his wife to a drunk driver, it’s his mission.

When Cody moves from Austin to Boston, he wants Julie to find him a condo, and fast. But she’s got issues with that. Because not only is Cody single, he’s a doctor to boot, and ever since her fiancé died, she’s got a major grudge against doctors.

Cody charms her into breaking her “couples-only” rule, but when he angles to be her date for her sister’s Christmas Eve wedding, he finds out Julie’s “no-doctor” rule is unbending. Still, he’s not quitting, because as hard as Julie fights it, there’s heat between them. If Cody has his way, they’ll be a couple by Christmas, and the next dream house Julie finds will be their own.

Reviews for The Wedding Date

The Wedding Date is an emotional, sexy novella to start off Cara Connelly’s new Save the Date series. If the series is as well written and flirty as this story was, then count me in.Harlequin Junkie

I love, love, love this novella.  I’m also super excited to find a new author that has more to read coming out very soon.  This book was sexy as hell and sad and heartbreaking, too.  Although shorter in length, this novella packs quite an emotional punch! Straight Shootin’ Book Reviews

Funny. Sweet. And addicting. The Wedding Date is a breath of fresh air. Death, fear, love, blind dates from hell, and nosy siblings, it bleeds sincerity through and through. This story was an interesting, mostly hilarious, heartfelt and feel good read that never left me bored. Cody and Julie are a super fun couple. I was sad to leave them. I can’t wait to continue the series and meet Cody’s brother!A Generous Helping of Romance

The Wedding Date has everything that I love about Christmas romances. It’s got humor, love, and freaking adorable characters! If this book was turned into a Hallmark Christmas move, I’d watch it every year.Crystal Blogs Books

This Book is a wonderful story with endearing characters. I hated to see it end even if the ending was great. If you love romance books with a good plot give this one a try.Racing to Read

This is the first time I’ve read a book by Cara Connelly but I can tell you it won’t be the last. I found The Wedding Date, which gives you a taste of her new Save The Date series, to be both funny and touching. Do yourself a favor and read this. It has everything in it that you want in a holiday romance. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. Connelly is now on my permanent TBR list. –Romancing the Readers

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