The Many Faces of Favor

The coolest thing about watching my books be published around the world is marveling at the diversity in cover designs! What do these wildly different designs say about readers’ tastes in these countries? Is there any deeper meaning to be extrapolated from what foreign publishers apparently believe appeals to women?

With these burning questions in mind, herewith are six takes on The Wedding Favor:


The Italian cover has such a feminine feel. So pink!


The French cover is oh so sophisticated and unabashedly sexy. Ooo la la!


The Spanish cover plays up the story’s, well, playfulness.


The Japanese cover is delicate and lovely and contemplative.


The Dutch cover has a distinctly rom-com feel to it.

german favor

The German edition plays up the intimacy between Ty and Vicky. The book has been out longest in Germany, and the cover must be working because it’s selling great! In fact, the whole series is so popular that I’ll be attending the Loveletter Convention for readers in Berlin next May.

So there you have it. The same book, but vastly different takes on what publishers believe will attract romance readers around the world. Fascinating! The title has been changed in each country too, and I’d love to interpret them for you, but multi-lingual I am not. So we’ll have to settle for puzzling over the diversity in cover photos and leave the mystery of titles for another day.

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  1. For me, the Italian and Japanese covers are the ONLY covers even close to the content of the book (which is one of my favorite books).

    • Hey Carol! Thanks for stopping by. I love both of those covers–they really play up the romantic elements of the story. And I so love to hear that Favor is one of your favorite books…that makes my heart sing. 🙂

  2. I love the Italian cover. The dancing standss out in the story… not just as a plot point, but in the way Ty and Vicky deal with each other. Definitely more of a cha-cha than a waltz though.

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